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Unwanted Christmas Visitors

Wow it's the 11th January already and it's not that I set any particular resolutions this year but I am always telling myself to get onto my blog and update it, but I never do. 11 days late is better than never so here we go...

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. This year was slightly different to any of my previous Christmas days as a Mum because my boys decided that they wanted to spend their time with myself and their Dad separately. Last year I had only been in my new home for a couple of months so it made sense for me to stay over at their Dad's on Christmas Eve night so that their routine was pretty much the same as every previous year. This year they decided they wanted to stay with me on Christmas Eve and then split their Christmas Day in half. Their Dad and I agreed that this would give us both the opportunity to see them opening presents and next year we will switch so I will have them on the afternoon and evening. It worked out well for us. I wasn't quite prepared for the 4am wake up though but I wasn't prepared for the unexpected visitors the day before either!

Christmas Eve is always an exciting day for little ones isn't it and there's always a bit of nervous energy running through homes with children. The many questions such as "what if I can't fall asleep tonight?" and "what about if Santa doesn't want another mince pie?" As parents a lot of our answers are ad hoc, on the spot, with the hope that we haven't given a different answer the day before. In the middle of one round of questions what I wasn't expecting was "Muuuum I've found a bug in my hair!" Oh my goodness me not on Christmas Eve please!

So rewind a week before and my eldest (8) came out of school and told me he found a bug on his hair when he was scratching. So when we got home I started checking every square cm of his scalp for bugs. I couldn't see anything. I reassured him that his scalp was clear and it must have been an insect from when he was outdoors at playtime. So this Christmas Eve announcement came as quite a surprise. So armed with my phone torch and a comb I started my second scalp investigation. I looked, and looked and couldn't see anything. Then suddenly I spotted one. An actual moving head louse! Even typing this makes me itch and cringe simultaneously. It's the worst feeling ever thinking your child has insects on their head and you as their Mother has failed to previously spot them. So I found a nit comb in the bottom of a miscellaneous box of hair accessories and covered his scalp in conditioner. I must have combed at least 10 of the critters out. They were bigger than I ever imagined head lice to be. My poor boy. I just can't understand how I had previously missed them. They say to check around their ears and the nape of their neck but these guys were having a party on his crown! So after I combed and washed his hair I washed it with Hedrin. Then it was his brother's turn. He had been to the barbers with his Dad the day before so you can imagine how mortified I was to discover he had them too. How on Earth had we all missed them. Do barbers feel embarrassed to tell you or were they hiding from them too? Either way they both had them and they were both treated. I couldn't find anything on my own hair but used the shampoo in case.

A couple of days after Christmas I checked their hair again. To my horror they were still infested. So a quick Google search educated me on Super Lice! I didn't even know they were in existence. Apparently some head lice laugh in the face of some shampoo brands and survive the foam party. I needed super strength to eradicate these monsters. So off I went to Superdrug and this time opted for a different brand - Lyclear. Sounds good and it's a spray rather than a shampoo. It not only made the task easier but it actually worked. I've checked every day since and there is no sign of life on those boy's scalps. Mission accomplished - unwanted Christmas Visitors evicted.

As embarrassing as it is to have these creatures, it really is just part of childhood. Children sit close together and they hug and lice like to spread. It does make you feel awful and dirty and it's a bit of a nuisance having to go through their hair with those tiny combs but it's just another ride on the rollercoaster of parenting life. One thing is for certain though I am going to be checking their scalps with my torch in future because those lice love to play hide and seek!

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