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Progress post

Hey, hope you are all well. It's the first day of half term and I am full of cold which is typical. My boys have been at their Dad's this weekend so I have managed a bit of rest. I don't do rest very well so I did some embroidery and finished watching After The Flood on itv and binge watched A Confession. My boys are quite tired after a busy term at school so I think we will do some crafts and Lego and maybe a bit of baking when my cold improves. I find the first week back after Christmas the hardest because the children are tired from all the excitement and getting back into a routine of normal bedtimes and getting dressed on time for school always seems to take longer than the September term. Anyway the sun is shining today which means I might get some laundry on the line which is always nice isn't it.

As long as I have been a photographer I have known that January and February are the most quiet months of the year. So I have thrown myself into my new project which I mentioned in a previous blog post. It is called Witches and Wizards, inspired by Harry Potter of course. We love Harry Potter and have a HP themed living room. So when I found some fabric on eBay being sold off I decided to go for it. I only use fabrics that are pre-loved so either a piece of existing clothing that I wash and cut up or pieces of fabric that people have as surplus or when they are having a de-stash. The pieces I bought were fat quarter packs that someone had bought and not got round to using. The only downside is sometimes there is not enough fabric within the quarter for the patterns I am cutting. So I have had to be creative. I have one more piece to make and then the ten outfit that I had on my original plan are finished. It is the first time I have set myself a time frame and deadline as I usually make as and when I can between photo sessions and editing. It has been nice to be able to focus on this and gauge an idea of how long I need for each type of outfit. I have also been sorting through my peg doll blanks as I plan to paint some Harry Potter peg sets too which I will launch together with the clothing and the embroidery pieces. If you don't already, please follow my Instagram page for updates and the countdown to when the pieces will go live on my Etsy. All likes, saves and shares are greatly appreciated in these times when it seems we are all fighting the algorithm!

Have a great half term week and enjoy the sunshine whilst it lasts.

Much love

Adelle xx

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