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Delays and discounts

I'm delayed! I set myself the deadline of 22nd February to launch my Witches and Wizards collection but with the headcold I've had which is still lingering and half term thrown in I've not been able to finish everything I wanted to make. I set myself the deadline to keep myself focused as I've realised I have a brain that wanders and drifts the majority of the time so I start projects and then take too long to finish them or start a new one before completing. So this timeframe was an experiment of sorts and it has given me some clarity on how long garments take to make and peg dolls to paint so it has been a success in that sense but I just didn't factor in time for rest or the half term. A few years ago I would have felt defeated and like I've failed but I've thankfully recovered from that mindset now. Working as a sole trader can be challenging at times because there is no team around you to pick up the tasks when you're ill or exhausted. It's you or not you and no in between.

So I'll decide over the weekend what my new launch day will be and update my instagram. In the meantime I have a 30% off sale on my Etsy shop which includes most items so if there was something you had your eye on now is the time!

Much love

Adelle x

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