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Updated: Feb 5

I've decided to rebrand! At the moment I'm juggling 3 Instagram pages which can get quite confusing at times. My customers are basically similar if not the same for each page so merging them together seems like the ideal solution to make life a little easier. So instead of ...

Adelle Marie Photography

Baby Boutique

Pegs and Props

I'm going to rebrand as Adelle Marie Photo which is my current shop name on Etsy ...

This means I can use my Instagram page as a bit of a behind the scenes diary to show my current projects. Sometimes I may have been guilty of worrying too much about the individual aesthetic of each branded page which has led me to procrastinate and sometimes not even post at all! I'm sure this new united rebrand will help me to focus on more of the content that's relevant to you - my followers, friends and customers!

Keep an eye out for changes to my various pages over the next week and hopefully you'll be able to see the difference! I'm very excited to show you my new themed collections as soon as I can. Currently on the table are Witches and Wizards... 🪄

Sadly I don't have a magic wand of my own so I'm still fitting in my crafting around two boys, two cats and two guinea pigs but as soon as I'm ready to share you'll be the first to know!

Thank you to everyone who has supported my small business so far, you're all so very much appreciated.

Adelle x

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