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Colours vs Neutrals

Hi everyone, Adelle here! What a start to the year it's been. Feels like January went on forever doesn't it? With the first warmer winds of spring comes the feeling of change in the air, and not just for me I'm sure. To that end, I'm planning a few changes to the way I approach my newborn shoots this year; Specifically, a change in the colour palette I use. Hence the title, colours vs neutrals.

As an industry we can't help but have noticed the tendency from customers to lean towards neutral colour palettes recently. It seems the pop of a contrast colour or a hint of a more themed colour palette has become much more popular with new mums.

One reason these winds of change blowing towards a more uniform palette are a good thing for photographers like me is that it allows us to streamline our props and outfits selection and make a lot more use of the storage space we have available (If you're anything like me you'll know what I mean when I say the under-stairs cupboard is almost full to breaking point!)

For me, neutral colours such as creams and beiges are an absolutely timeless choice for a newborn shoot. The whole pink for a girl, blue for a boy thing went out of fashion years ago in my head. It's 2024 for goodness sake! I feel that once you have seen a newborn shoot of mine using a neutral colour palette of warm hues and off-whites you will easily recognise my style going forward, which is another reason I'm considering reducing my colour palette options to new customers.

Of course it is still straightforward to add pops of colour using small items or accessories. Flashes of orange, green, or even navy blue or pink if you're a real traditionalist(!) These can all be introduced with a well-placed cuddly, or a hat or swaddle, again this is completely down to you - the customer - at the end of the day it's your photo shoot and your choice!

I believe if I 'niche down' to this simplistic colour palette it will also help potential customers through the booking process, as there will no longer be any questions regarding colour schemes, props, clothing, etc. You will know exactly what you'll be getting and the quality of the final product long before the day of the shoot. It's just another step taken towards making my service the best it can possibly be. Less to think about means more time to focus on what's truly important on the day - the photos of your precious newborn.

To that end, let's have a poll shall we? All those in favour of a switch to a classic neutral palette as standard, say aye! All those against say nay. I'll share the poll on my instagram this week and let you all know the results.

Lots of love,

Adelle x

Which do you prefer?

  • Colours

  • Neutrals

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