Newborn Photography in Stafford

Your baby’s first few weeks are so precious. It feels like time goes so fast and you want to capture every first moment. I remember spending time just watching my little newborn, wishing time would stand still.

Newborns are best photographed when they are between five and ten days old to capture the newborn curl. Sessions can be booked before baby arrives, but if you have had your baby and he or she is under 3 weeks old please contact me to discuss your options for newborn photography.

My studio is mobile so I set up in your home which also means you have everything you need on hand. I have a choice of backgrounds and can set up more than one during your session which means you have more choice when selecting your final images. Please discuss any ideas you have prior to your session.

I am with you for 3-4 hours and I follow the needs of your baby. So as many feeds and cuddles that baby needs to be happy and comfortable. I have completed a training course on newborn photography where I learnt all aspects of safety when posing and caring for your baby during the session. Your baby’s safety is my priority.