Do you look at your child /children and feel like it wasn’t so long ago you were looking down at your growing bump so excited to meet them and start your journey as a parent. Now you look at them and see their unique personality and character and want to just freeze time so that they stop growing up so fast! Photographs capture more than just people posing in front of a camera, they freeze these moments so that in a few years time we can look back and re-live the crazy, happy and even sometimes challenging times that have been a part of shaping who we and our children are. I have a few regrets in my life, we all do but my main regret is not taking more photographs of my Dad and not asking a family or friend to take more photos of us together. I cherish the ones I do have as I can show my little boy who his Grandad was but I do wish I had more. .

Do you often think about planning a photo session but then start worrying about how you look and what to wear and almost talk yourself out of even looking for a photographer? We all have our reservations, we all criticise our own appearance thinking I wish I was thinner, less thin, had better skin, thicker hair, the list goes on and on and on and before you know it you have put the idea to the back of your mind again. Honestly other than ourselves, who actually cares what we look like? One thing is for certain our children definitely don’t. They love us for who we are, because we love them, because we are there for them and do everything for them and because when they need us the most we give the best hugs on this Earth. In a few years time when they ask to look at the photos from your Family session they will see the most important thing of all… your love.

If the thought of rounding up your troops, bundling them into the car and aiming to arrive at a studio on time with no arguments and hoping their clothes remain clean and crease free fills you full of dread. Or if the image of what it is going to look like if…ok scrap that who are we trying to kid ‘when’ your toddler decides to have a melt down as soon as you step one foot through the door of a studio is giving you nightmares then worry no more.

I am mobile

Just 3 simple little words that can instantly take away your worries. So if you love being at home, your children love being at home then why not stay at home and I will bring my studio to you. One of my customers was so excited that her living room was being turned into a photography studio. Seriously apart from the obvious of always knowing what space there is to work with and having everything to hand there really isn’t much of a difference. I still use professional studio lights and photographic background papers and of course I do have the most important item, a camera.

So the space I need is approximately 2.5 metres wide and about 2.5-3 metres space in front of the background. In this space I can fit approximately two adults and up to 3 small children seated. If space is an issue one parent can sit on a stool and I can pose the rest of the family group around them. I try to keep my style as relaxed as possible so you can all have a hug, tickle each other act silly and I will capture all of this and maybe the odd posed photo can slot in between too. You may have in mind how you all want to be posed and this is fine too. I am with you for at least an hour so there is no rush.

For more information about my Family Sessions and for my availability contact me on my website or via Facebook and I will send you an Information Guide and Price List xx